• Beijing takes strides to boost high-quality development

    Capital& 39;s growth driven by advanced technology, talents and innovationIn the past few years, Beijing has taken

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  • 2022 GFSTICC Will Be Held On June 28th to 29th

    In order to fully implement the innovation-driven development strategy, promote international exchanges of science a

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  • China reveals lists of top global, Chinese scientific advances for 2021

    BEIJING, Jan 18 (Xinhua) -- China has unveiled its lists of the top-10 scientific advances in China and the wo

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  • 96 sci-tech journals from China rank among top quartile globally

    BEIJING, Feb 18 (Xinhua) -- A growing number of sci-tech journals from China have improved their international r

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  • China issues top 10 scientific advances of 2021

    BEIJING, Feb 28 (Xinhua) -- China& 39;s Ministry of Science and Technology issued a list of the top 10 domestic

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  • Technologies, accessible facilities at Beijing Winter Paralympics venues demonst

    The National Aquatics Center has been upgraded to become barrier-free for the curling events at the Beijing 2022

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  • Stress on digital economy key to pursuing high-quality development

    China& 39;s intensified efforts to facilitate the development of the digital economy demonstrate its resolve to pur

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